1973 Mustang – Mechanical Information

1973 Ford Mustang Mechanical Information & Drawings


Cyl 3 Speed
4 Speed wide ratio
250 6 Standard Optional N.A.
302 8 Standard (except in CA is NA) Optional N.A.
351 2bbl 8 Standard (except in CA is NA) Optional N.A.
351 4bbl 8 N.A. Optional Optional

The SelectShift Cruise-O-Matic 3 speed fully automatic transmission came in 3 flavors.  The lightweight version was the C4, the intermediate duty transmission was the FMX and the heavy duty version was the C6.  The C6 can be easily identified by its integrated bell-housing and transmission cast. 

Diagrams and Drawings

Front wheel assembly typical for Mustangs with 6 cylinder engines and V8s

1969- 1973 detents for automatic transmission