1972 Ford Mustang Production Numbers

1972 Production Stats

1972 Ford Mustang Production & Sales Numbers

A total of 125,903 Mustangs were sold in 1972. Total production was down 15.88% year on year, the sixth year in a row of declining sales. Total production was down from 149,678 units in 1971. The Mustang was continuing to go against consumer tastes and Ford’s moves to sure up demand just did not work. It was clear Ford needed to make changes.

The Hardtop coupe, between the basic (57k units) and Grande versions (28k units) was the biggest seller, making up just over a combined 66% of the total cars sold. The convertible was slow selling with 6,401 units sold (a slight uptick verses the year before), still only making up 5% of total production. The Fastback as base and Mach 1 sold about 33k units.

Note: We had trouble getting more details production splits which is why the high level numbers and the detailed numbers below are basically the same for this model year. 

Total Production Numbers

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