1971 Mustang – Wheels Information

1971 Mustang Wheels

A summary of the wheel options for the 1971 model year Mustang

In 1971, FORD introduced their 4th different Mustang style. In these years, the manufacturers hat yet to figure out that wheels would be a big deal to the buying public. They offered stamped steel hub caps to dress up a vehicle and to make it sell. Decades later, t few of these survive. Once a young man got the payments under control, off came the hub caps and on went Cragers or other classy styled steel wheels. Ford did offer a great looking Magnum 500 wheel in 1971. however yo get this wheel, you had to opt for the competition suspension and a few other options. As with the rest of the 1973 Mustang, there was very little change in wheels and wheel dressings. The Magnum 500 wheels previously offered were gone. In their place were some cheaper looking Forged Aluminum Wheels. These wheels were not limited to the performance cars, they could be had on any body style. Radial tires were offered as on option for the first time in 1973. The Grande received a deluxe wheel cover unique to that line.

Other than stated above, there were 3 choices for hub caps that were offered on all models in 1973. Base wheel covers were a 10.5 inch hub cap with color keyed wheels, hub cap with trim ring, and Sports wheel covers are the same as in 1972. Most Mustangs in 1973 were sold with a flat brushed aluminum wheel cover that had 15 black painted depressions around the perimeter. It also had the word mustang printed around the center twice

All wheels are 5 lug. And bolted on a standard E70x14 black sidewall tire except on the Boss M


This wheel was optional in 1973

Standard on Grande

This sporty wheel cover was optional and available on all models. Similar to the wheel cover used in 1970

To the right is the Magnum 500 wheel offered on all models with competition suspension. Wheels are avaialble in 15 inch only and F60x15 tires. To get this wheel a space sver tire was mandatory.

This wheel was optional in 1973

Center cap for Aluminum Wheel

10 1/2 inch base hubcap was std on MACH1. It was mtede witha chrome wheel ring