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1993 Cobra Mustang Specifications
1993 Cobra 2 3 4 5
Ford's Special Vehicle Team made it's debut with the 1993 Cobra Mustang.  A total of 4,994 Cobras were produced for street use, while 107 Cobra "R" models were produced for showroom stock racing.

Ford's 5.0L engine used in the GT Mustang had many modifications done to it before being fit into the Cobras.  Among these changes were higher-performance GT-40 cylinder heads, larger valves, and a stouter camshaft.  The highly modified 5.0L V-8 was rated at 235 horsepower and 280ft/lbs. torque.  

The same Borg-Warner T-5 transmission found on the GT was used for the Cobras, except it came with phosphate-coated gears as well as stronger bearings.  Goodyear Eagle P245/45ZR17 tires were mounted on 17x7.5 inch aluminum wheels.  Also on the Cobra were rear vented disc brakes instead of the standard drum brakes.

The Cobra had the same lower grille as the GT, but minus the side scoops.  The front fascia contained a grille opening which carried a running horse emblem.  The one-piece fascia in the rear had cutouts for the exhaust tips, as well as a rear spoiler.  The only differences on the interior of the Cobra from the GT was a white instrument panel as well as "Cobra" embroidered floor mats. 

The Cobra "R" model did not contain power windows, door locks, a stereo system, or air conditioning.  There were also no fog lamps and the wheels of the "R" model were painted black.  The suspension was also firmer.

Production Numbers:
3dr Cobra: 4,993
Cobra "R" 3dr: 107

Available Engine
5.0L EFI V-8 235 hp

Available Exterior Colors







Vibrant Red Clearcoat



Vibrant Red


Teal Metallic RD 1,355
Retail Prices:
Cobra Hatchback: $18,505

Interior Trim Colors and Production
Interior ExteriorProduction
Black Cloth Black


Black Cloth Vibrant Red Clear


Black Cloth Vibrant Red


Black Cloth Teal Metallic


Gray Cloth Black


Gray Cloth Vibrant Red Clear


Gray Cloth Vibrant Red


Gray Cloth Teal Metallic 1
Gray Leather Black 7
Gray Leather Vibrant Red Clear 185
Gray Leather Vibrant Red 414
Gray Leather Teal Metallic 802

Vehicle Identification Numbers

1FA - Ford Motor Co.
C - Restraint system (C-air bags & active belts)
P - Passenger car
42 - Body code (42 - 3dr)
D - Engine code
6 - Check digit (varies)
P - Year (R - 1994)
F - Plant (F-Dearborn)
000001 - Consecutive unit number

Location: Stamped on the plate which is riveted to the driver's side of the dash, visible through windshield; the certification label is attached to the rear face of the driver's door.

Mustang Performance
1993 Ford Mustang Cobra 
0-60 mph: 5.9 sec
Quarter Mile: 14.5 sec