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1971 - 1978 Mustangs

Key Moments in Mustang History (1971-1978)
1971 - A new look of the Ford Mustang is revealed. The wrong design for America's changing economy, the new design was only to last three years.

1973 - The last year for the "big" Mustang. The Mustang looses its performance image as horsepower dramatically declines; it's definitely time for a change.

1974 - The new generation Mustang, the Mustang II, is a major success. Returning back to its roots, the Mustang is once again a compact Pony Car, even though very little performance is offered.

1976 - Performance begins to return to the lineup as the Cobra Mustang is offered. Although only available with a V6, the Cobra sparks a trend of performance Mustangs in the near future.