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1964 - 1970 Mustangs

Key Moments in Mustang History (1964-1970)
April 17, 1964 - Mustang debuts. Over the weekend, over 22,000 Mustangs are ordered. Showrooms are bombarded with Mustang mania.

January, 1965 - First Shelby Mustang is revealed to the public.

1966 - Marks the last year for the original fastback. In the following year, the roof extends all the way to the rear.

1967 - First minor design change to the Ford Mustang takes place.

1968 - Steve McQueen stars as Detective Frank Bullitt sporting a 1968 GT390, boosting the popularity of the car with the unforgettable San Francisco chase scene.

1969 - As the muscle car era reaches its pinnacle, the Mustang is offered in two new high powered models - the Mach 1 and the Boss Mustang.