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1964-1965 Mustang Specifications
1964 Coupe 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1965 Fastback 2 3 4 1965 Convertible 2 3
1965 Shelby GT350 2 3 4 5 6 Interior 2 1965 Coupe 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1964 Convertible 2
1965 GT Fastback 2 3
Mustangs built between March 1964 and August 17, 1964 were identified as 1964 Mustangs, or early 1965 Mustangs. Mustangs built after the date of August 17, 1964 were identified as late 1965 Mustangs.
The first year mustang, later called the 1964, was available in two models: the coupe and the convertible. Both of these models featured lengthened hoods and shorter rear decks than the prototypes, also chrome wrap-around bumpers and grilles with a running hose, and full wheel covers. Both the coupe and the convertible were available with a 170cid 101horsepower 6 cylinder engine, a 260 2-V 164 horsepower V-8, a 289-4V 210 horsepower V-8, and beginning in June, a powerful 4 barrel, solid lifter, 289cid 271 horsepower V-8 engine. 

Also available were a 3 speed, 4 speed, or automatic transmission, and a pick between a variety of rear end gear ratios. Featured in the interior was "wall-to-wall" carpeting, front bucket seats, or an optional front bench seat, rear bench seat, a sports car style steering wheel, floor mounted shifter, and full headliner. A total of 121,538 Mustangs were produced during the 1964 model run.

1965 brought few changes for the Mustang. The biggest change was the availability of a new fastback model, which was to become the basis for Carroll Shelby's G.T. 350. The 120 horsepower, 200 cid 6 cylinder engine replaced the 170 cid 6 cylinder, the 289-2V, 200 horsepower V-8 replaced the 260-2V, the 289-4V was upgraded to 225 horsepower, and the 289-4V hi-po remained unchanged. Other changes for 1965 included: an alternator instead of a generator, relocation of the oil filler, integral power steering pump and resevoir (most 64's had a remote mounted resevoir), a wire retaining ring was added to the gas cap, the horns were smaller and relocated, and the interior carpet was continued up the sides of the rocker panel and under the sill plate. 

A new interior option was added, the interior decor group (known as the pony interior), which featured special seat covers with running horses across the back, special interior door panes with integral arm rests and pistol grip door handles, five gauge instrument panel, woodgrain steering wheel, and woodgrain appliques on the instrument cluster, glovebox, and optionally on the center console. Another option introduced in April of 1965 was the GT equipment group. Available only with one of the two four barrel engines, the GT group included five-dial instrumentation, disc brakes, larger sway bars, quicker steering ratio, dual exhaust which exited through the rear valance panel, grill mounted foglights, and special lower body side stripes. A total of 559,451 Mustangs were produced for the 1965 model year.
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Production Numbers:
1964 (early 1965)
Standard Convertible: 28,833
Standard Coupe: 92,705
Total: 121,538
Standard Convertible: 65,633
Convertible w/Bench Seats: 2,111
Luxury Convertible: 5,338
Standard Coupe: 372,123
Coupe w/ Bench Seats: 14,905
Luxury Coupe: 22,232
Standard Fastback: 71,303
Luxury Fastback: 5,776
Total: 559,451

Body Styles: Coupe, Convertible, Fastback

Unibody Chasis

Available Engines:
170cid 6cyl 1V 101hp (1964)
260cid 2V V-8 164hp (1964)
289cid 2V V-8 200hp (1965)
289cid 4v V-8 210hp (1964)
289cid 4V V-8 225hp (1965)
289cid 4V V-8 271hp high performance (1965)

Retail Prices
Standard Convertible: $2,557
Standard Coupe: $2,320
Standard Fastback: $2,533

Available Exterior Colors-Early 1965 (1964)
Raven BlackA
Pagoda GreenB
Dynasty GreenD
Gaurdsman BlueF
Caspian BlueH
Rangoon RedJ
Poppy Red3
Silversmoke GrayK
Wimbeldon WhiteM
Prairie BronzeP
Cascade GreenS
Sunlight YellowV
Vintage BurgundyX
Skylight BlueY
Chantilly BeigeZ
Twilight Turquoise5
Phoenician Yellow7
Interior Trim-Early 1965 (1964)Code
Parchment vinyl w/ blue42
Parchment vinyl w/ red45
Parchment vinyl w/ black 46
Parchment vinyl w/ Ivy Gold48
White vinyl w/ Palomino49
Black vinyl & cloth56
Blue vinyl w/ blue82
Red vinyl w/ red85
Black vinyl w/ black86
Palomino vinyl w/ Palomino 89

Available Exterior Colors-Late 1965
Raven BlackA
Midnight TurquoiseB
Honey GoldC
Dynasty GreenD
Caspian BlueH
Champagne BeigeI
Rangoon RedJ
Poppy Red3
Silversmoke GrayK
Wimbeldon WhiteM
Tropical TurquoiseO
Prairie BronzeP
Ivy GreenR
Sunlight YellowV
Vintage BurgundyX
Silver BlueY
Springtime Yellow8

Interior Trim-Late 1965
Blue vinyl w/ blue 22
Red vinyl w/ red 25
Black vinyl w/ black 26
Aqua 27
Ivy Gold w/ gold 28
Palomino vinyl w/Palomino 29
Parchment w/blue D2
Parchment w/burgundy D3
Parchment w/red D5
Parchment w/black D6
Parchment w/Aqua D7
Parchment w/Ivy Gold D8
Parchment w/Palomino D9
Blue & White/ luxury 62
Red, luxury 65
Black, luxury 66
Aqua & white, luxury 67
Ivy Gold & white, luxury 68
Palomino, luxury 69
Parchment w/blue, luxury F2
Parchment w/Burgundy F3
Parchment w/Emberglo F4
Parchment w/red, luxury F5
Parchment w/black, luxury F6
Parchment w/aqua, luxury F7
Parchment w/Ivy Gold, luxury F8
Parchment w/Palomino, luxury F9
Blue, bench 32
Red, bench 35
Black, bench 36
Palomino, bench 39
Black fabric & vinyl 76
Palomino fabric & vinyl Parchment 79
Parchment w/blue, bench C2
Parchment w/Burgundy, bench C3
Parchment w/Emberglo, bench C4
Parchment w/black, bench C6
Parchment w/Aqua, bench C7
Parchment w/Ivy Gold, bench C8
Parchment w/Palomino C9
1965 Mustang PricesRetail
Hardtop, 65A$2,320.96
Convertible, 76A2,557.64
2+2 Fastback, 63A2,533.19
289ci 200hp V-8 extra charge over 120hp 6cyl105.63
289ci 225hp V-8 extra charge over 200hp V-852.85
289ci 271hp V-8 (without GT Equipment Group)327.92
289ci 271hp V-8 (with GT Equipment Group)276.34
Cruise-O-Matic automatic transmission, 6cyl175.80
Cruise O-Matic automatic transmission, 200 or 225hp V-8s185.39
4-speed manual transmission, 6cyl113.45
4-speed manual transmission, V-8s184.02
Manual front disc brakes, 8cyl56.77
Limited slip differential41.60
Rally-Pac clock/tachometer69.30
Special Handling Package, 200 & 225hp V-8s 30.64
GT Equipment Group 165.03
Styled steel wheels, 8cyl only119.71
Power brakes42.29
Power steering84.47
Power convertible top52.95
Emergency flashers19.19
Padded visors, 65A & 76A5.58
Seatbelts, rear14.78
Deluxe seatbelts, front (retractable)7.39
Deluxe seatbelts, front & rear (front retractors)25.40
Visibility Group35.83
Accent Group, 65A & 76A27.11
Accent Group, 63A13.90
Air conditioner, Ford277.20
Back-up lamps10.47
Battery, heavy-duty7.44
Closed emission system (Calif. type)5.19
Full-length console50.41
Console, w/ air conditioner31.52
Interior Decor Group107.08
Full-width seat (bench) with center armrest, 65A & 76A24.42
Tinted glass with banded windshield30.25
Windshield only, tinted and banded21.09
Push-button radio & antenna57.51
Rocker panel molding, 65A & 76A15.76
Deluxe steering wheel31.52
Vinyl roof, 65A74.19
Wheel covers, knock-off hubs17.82
MagicAire heater, delete (credit)(31.52)
Seatbelts, delete (credit)(10.76)
Tires, 6cyl extra charge over 6.50x13 4 p.r. BSW
    (5)6.50x13 4-p.r. WSW33.30
    (5)6.50x14 4-p.r. BSW7.36
    (5)6.50x14 4-p.r. WSW40.67
Tires, 8cyl extra charge over 6.95x14-p.r. BSW
    (5)6.95x14 4-p.r. WSW33.31
    (5)6.95x14 4-p.r. BSW nylon15.67*
    (5)6.95x14 4-p.r. WSW nylon48.69*
    (5)6.95x14 4-p.r. Dual Red Band nylon (std. 271hp)48.97*
    *NC with 271hp 289 V-8

Dealer-added accessoriesPrice
Door edge guards $2.70
Rocker panel molding (set)19.10
Deluxe with spinner 13 in wheel covers28.95
Deluxe with spinner 14 in wheel covers28.95
Simulated wire 13 in wheel covers58.35
Simulated wire 14 in wheel covers58.35
Luggage rack35.00
Tonneau cover, white52.70
Tonneau cover, black52.70
Lefthand spotlight29.95
Vanity mirror1.95
License plate frame4.50
Fire extinguisher33.70
AM radio53.50
Rear seat speaker11.95
Studio Sonic Sound System (Reverb)22.95
Round (cone-shaped) outside mirror3.95
Lefthand remote mirror2.25
Universal (flat) outside mirror12.75
Matching righthand mirror6.75
Inside day-night mirror4.95
Back-up lights10.40
Power brakes47.00
Glovebox lock2.49
Remote-control trunk release6.95
Windshield washers14.50
Rally-Pac, 6cyl75.95
Rally-Pac, 8cyl75.95

Vehicle Identification Numbers
Engine Codes
170cid 1V 6cyl 101hp (1964)U
200cid 1V 6cyl 120hp (1965)T
260cid 2V V-8 164hp (1964)F
289cid 2V V-8 200hp (1965)C
289cid 4V V-8 210hp (1964)D
289cid 4V V-8 225hp (1965)A
289cid 4V V-8 271hp high performance (1965)K

5 - Last digit of model year (1965)
F - Assembly plant (F-Dearborn, R-San Jose T-Metuchen)
07 - Body code (07-Coupe, 08-Convertible, 09-Fastback)
F - Engine Code
100001 - Consecutive unit number
Example: 5F07F100001