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Specialty Models > 1971 Spring Sports Coupe
Continuing the theme of the 1970 Grabber Mustangs was the 1971 Spring Sports Coupe. The Spring Sports Coupe captitalized on the '71 Boss Mustangs, just as the '70 Grabber had capitalized on the '70 Boss. The Spring Sports Coupe was dressed up to simulate a 351 Boss, with quite a long list of wanted features such as: Boss side stripes (no lettering), NASA hood, Mach 1 grille w/ "sport" lamps, E70 x 14" whitewalls, hubcaps w/ trim rings, dual sport mirrors, and the Mach 1's coordinated moulding/bumper organization. It was officially called the 'hardtop special value package', and was scheduled to be offered from March through May of '71.

Another unique feature of this model was it's able to carry most drivetrains, except Ford's 351HO, which was only available in the Boss model. Only a few of the Spring Sports Coupes have been found, and it's range of options can definitely make for some interesting possibilities.

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