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Beginning in 1969, Ford introduced both the Boss 302 and Boss 429.  Styling for the Boss 302 was done by Larry Shinoda, the suspension by Kar Kraft, and the engine was done by Ford who used the 5.0L block with the new 351 Cleveland heads.  Originally, the Boss was to be named the "Trans Am" until Ford discovered that GM had already licensed the name.

The Boss was based off of the SportsRoof body, but the simulated side scoops were deleted from the model.  Flat black paint was used on the hood, rear deck and taillight panels, and the headlight buckets.  The Boss Mustang was only available in four colors:  Wimbledon White, Bright Yellow, Calypso Coral and Acapulco Blue.  On the side of the car, a large C stripe with Boss 302 lettering is found.  Although a variety of colors were offered for the interior of the Boss 302, standard black was often used.  A front chin spoiler was standard, but the rear window slats and plastic rear spoiler were options.

The Boss 302 was rated at 290 horsepower, but actual horsepower was more like 350.  Insurance companies began penalizing cars that were rated over 300 hp.  The race versions made over 450 horsepower at over 8,000 RPMs.  All 302s came with a four-speed manual transmission (2.78:1).  

The standard wheels on the Boss 302 were argent painted 15x7 Magnum 500s planted inside Goodyear F60x15 Polyglas tires.  Chrome Magnum 500s were an option.  

In response to Chrysler's major success with the 426 Hemi in Nascar, Ford produced the Boss 429.  All of the Boss 429's were built in Brighton, Michigan, where the Kar Kraft facility was located.  In order for the Mustang to be able to receive the 429 engine, partially completed SportsRoof Mustangs which were built to accept the 428SCJ were modified.  Features included with the Boss 429 were Boss 429 fender decals, a manually controlled hood scoop, a shallower front spoiler than the Boss 302, color-keyed dual racing mirrors, engine oil cooler, a trunk-mounted battery, power steering and power front disc brakes, a close-ratio four-speed manual transmission, a 4.91:1 rear axle with Traction-Lok, 3/4-inch rear sway bar, chrome 15x7 Magnum 500s with F60x15 Goodyear RWL Polyglas tired, a 8000 rpm tachometer, AM radio, and Deluxe Decor interior.

A KK sticker was inside the driver's door above the Ford warranty plate on each Boss 429, this signifying Kar Kraft's production number.  The serial number to each 429 could be found on the back side of the engine block assembly, on the inner front fender panels, on the transmission housing and also the chassis.

The 1969 Boss 429 was available in five colors:  Wimbledon White, Royal Maroon, Raven Black, Black Jade, and Candy Apple Red.

Production Numbers:
Boss 302: 1,628
Boss 429: 859
includes two Boss Cougars
Retail Prices:
Boss 302:
Boss 429: N/A

Mustang Performance
1969 Boss 302 Mustang
0-60 mph: 6.9 sec
0-100 mph: --.- sec
Quarter Mile: 14.6 sec @ 98 mph

Mustang Performance
1969 Boss 429 Mustang


375hp Boss 429 V-8


Four-speed manual

Axle Ratio:






0-30 mph


0-60 mph


0-100 mph


Standing 1/4 mi

14.09 @ 102.85 mph

Top speed

118 mph


Car Life 7/69